The world, as we know it, has shrunk to be termed as a global village. English language has become one of the principal assets in the international communication; in fact, it is called the International Language. Furthermore, it is the most dominant language of diplomacy, business and science, economy, technology and Internet. The knowledge of the English language opens the door of opportunities.

Thousands of Muslims around the world attend institutions that do not prepare them for the modern day world. Students are taught in either the Arabic language or their native tongue, which leaves their graduates with minimum opportunities for furthering their education or joining the English language dominated workforce. As a result, they have a weak or, in most cases, absolutely no foundation in the English language.

Unfortunately, learning English from the traditional materials means exposing Muslim students to the presentation of Judeo-Christian culture and un-Islamic practices. However, if we do not keep abreast with the modern standards of education, we will be left far behind in the world arena and hence will have no significant role to play towards the betterment of the Muslim nation as a whole.

Dr. Bilal Philips understands the crucial position the English language plays in the modern day global society and challenges faced by the Muslim community when acquiring the language from the traditional materials. Thus, he presents to the Muslim world "Halaal English"; the study of the English language free from un-Islamic practices and corrupted ideas.