In the first week of June, The Gambia Outreach team accompanied by the Gambia Registrar, Mr. Gora Faal, conducted a sensitization program at a major Madarasah in region One and Two. Several senior secondary schools in these regions invited the office to present talks on different IOU courses that are being offered. Brother Ousainou, a guest Speaker to Kotu Senior Secondary, spoke about the importance of knowledge.

In the next week, 421 students appeared for an exam conducted by The Intensive English Course (IEC) for the intermediate level. The Senior Management Team of IOU in The Gambia also conducted monthly meetings where staff inputs that were on probation were reviewed. Additionally, the Registrar also revealed the courses planned for the month of September.

From 15th to 21st June, IEC evaluation was conducted by IOU The Gambia along with its partners MoBSE/AMANA, where the progress of the IEC program was gauged. Focus group interviews and questionnaire administration to the participants was conducted. Forms targeting students, teacher assistants, centers and school administrations were also developed.

In the same week, the Permanent Secretary expressed his office’s willingness to support IOU to help promote authentic knowledge in the Gambia in a meeting with the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology, where an application for national accreditation was submitted. The intermediate level and exams were also successfully completed  by the IAP students. Additionally, the Permanent Secretary of MOBSE signed an MOU between MOBSE and IOU. This strengthened the strong relationship existing between the two establishments in the field of education and also launched IOU as one of the leading higher learning institutions in The Gambia.

In the last week of June, IOU introduced the Global Arabic Language Program (GALP) and a professional course (Diploma in Management). For students who wanted to prepare in advance for the IEC program that begins in September, IOU introduced the Summer Head start Program. This also aided madrasah teachers and administrators who had pre-beginner level English to reach the Beginner Level. The staff presented their monthly task and recommendations during the monthly review meetings. In collaboration with JAMIYATU TANSIQI KHARIAYA      (جمعية تنسيق الخرية), the IOU office also furnished a new learning center for Arabic and professional courses.

Plans for July

  1. Registration of students for IEC for September.
  2. Registration of students for professional courses.
  3. Launching of IOU’s new learning center.