IOU Guinea-Bissau Milestones since November of 2014


Although IOU has been in operation for several years worldwide with sister organizations in many countries, IOU Bissau has only recently been awarded the privilege of operating in Bissau. Nevertheless, alhamdulillah, IOU Bissau has been able to pass many milestones in quite short period of time. Since obtaining a full legal operating status and recognition as a legal entity in Bissau in December 2014, they have constructed an IOU office; and established an IOU examination center, two ongoing IEC classes at two separate localities, IOU IEC resource room and a new IEC TA program.

Alhamdulillah, 50 new students registered for the IEC class since May 18, 2015, and additional 15 will be joining the program for the upcoming September 2015 semester. Twenty-seven more students will begin their studies at IOU diploma and certificate programs in Education in Fall 2015 semester.

Ministry of Education has provided IOU Bissau with four classrooms to operate, one of them is an operational computer lab, and has showed a keen interest in implementing Academic Bridge Program for students preparing for university courses. Furthermore, in collaboration with two top senior secondary high schools, the Ministry of Education is going to enter the top 200 students to the IEC program.

IOU Bissau team has been also active in developing relationship with the media. In sha Allah, the IOU English Radio program will soon be broadcasted three times a week on Radio National.

The promising ongoing amicable negotiations with the current Ministry of Education will in sha Allah bear fruit and the IOU IEC program will see its growth countrywide in near future